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My 3 stage prep program

The first stage is about developing a student's foundation. I go over each topic on the exam until they understand the basics on an intuitive level. I show students the proper methods to show work, label diagrams, and mark up passages.

The next stage is about building a student's creative thinking skills. I assign questions that are tougher than those on the real test. Students practice breaking problems into smaller pieces.

The last stage is about test taking skills. I proctor a bunch of mock tests to develop each student's personal test-day strategy. As they go back to exam level questions they have more breathing room to focus on their timing and pacing.

If you'd like to know more, I wrote some blog posts:
Stage 1 | Stage 2 | Stage 3

SHSAT results 2015 - 2019

Test Year | Student | Placement

2015 SK Stuyvesant
2016 YK Stuyvesant
2016 MH Brooklyn Tech
2017 ML Brooklyn Tech
2018 LSV Brooklyn Tech
2018 JA Xavier(HSPT)
2019 EY TBA March ’20
2019 KS TBA March ’20
2019 EM TBA March ’20

After working with Simon for 2 months, my son increased his SHSAT score by 150 points… enough to get him into his first choice school. Simon is the best SHSAT tutor ever (I’ve had many other tutors previously). When my son first started working with Simon, he could not finish the practice test, despite working with another private tutor and being enrolled in Kaplan. He exceeded all expectations and built my son’s confidence in himself. Simon is extremely knowledgeable, strategic, and focused on getting the highest score possible, and he will get your child there. My son says that Simon is THE reason he will go to his first choice school.


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