Hi, I’m Simon.

I started tutoring in 2013. I’ve worked at four different tutoring centers, and in 2016, I began finding students on my own. At first it was people in my neighborhood, and then I advertised on Craigslist. These days all my students are from client references.

Most of my students work with me for the SHSAT. I sometimes take on students for similar tests such as the HSPT and the admissions tests for Bard and Hunter HS. In the past, I’ve tutored older students for various Regents, the SAT, and the SAT IIs. Right now, I’m focusing on the SHSAT.

Previous goals

For the last couple of years, my goal was to build a strong track record to raise my rates. I also wanted to prove to myself that I was on to something in regards to a prep program that always works. It's still my primary goal, but in hindsight, this was easily the simplest.

Current goals

I’m currently working on a blog and an online course. The big goal is to scale my tutoring gig into a scalable tech business.


The purpose of the blog is to create an archive of everything I know about the SHSAT and how to prepare for it. I love when people ask me questions about the exam. I know a lot about it, and I get to feel a bit smarter for a few minutes. So I’m pretty excited about the future of the blog.

I’ve noticed that I get a lot of the same questions every year when I work with a new student. It's completely understandable and, by now, predictable. The blog will answer the more common concerns so that we can talk about the more individual concerns.

Online course (ETA Nov 2019)

The purpose of the online course is for me to capitalize on my prep program on a much larger scale. If I had to put an altruistic spin on it, it’d be to make SHSAT prep more accessible. The experience will be better than anything offered by the established tutoring companies. It will also be better than working with me in-person.

In a couple weeks I will revisit this page and break it into more detailed blog posts.

-Simon 6/13