Principle 1: A deep intuitive understanding of each topic will make everything easier.

First, we build a strong foundation by going over all the topics on the exam. I explain how to show work, label diagrams, and mark up passages. Sounds old-school, but it produces more intelligent discussions and quicker review sessions in the following stages.

Principle 2: The SHSAT has math and english, but it’s actually a test on efficient, creative thinking. I assign questions that are a bit tougher than average SHSAT questions. As students practice breaking tough problems into smaller parts, they learn new approaches. When they go back to exam level questions, they get extra breathing room to focus on their timing and pacing.

Principle 3: The real test should feel like a practice test.

The last stage is about becoming completely comfortable with the format of the test. It's also when each student develops their testing strategy. We achieve both of these goals through a lot of timed practice tests. We start with the easier exams, then the harder ones, and then wrap it up with exams that are similar to the real exam. Throughout this stage, I track their pacing and how they budget their time. I have them try different testing strategies until we find the one that works best.

An overview of my prep

Maybe a video would be better?

The secret sauce is a combination of the work I assign and my personalized approach. There is so much more that goes on in the background that I cannot explain it in a few paragraphs. Forget about my sauce; my track record is far more interesting!